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The Sheriff of Piltover always has time to check her in-tray, though delays due to cases and summonings are part of her daily beat. ((League of Legends RP/askblog for Caitlyn, Sheriff of Piltover. Contains worldbuilding and theorycrafting. Tracking 'sheriffcaitlyn' and 'sheriff caitlyn' tags.))
August 11th 2013 9 notes

((Time to shamelessly promote some quality blogs!))

The Darkin that fills me full of rage (and occasionally whiskey, when he goes off on his shenanigans).”

Wuju master, coffee drinker, and artistic soul.”

The General isn’t nearly as… outgoing… as his brother. Say hello. Politely.”

My partner, my Enforcer, my impulsive right hand.”

The Grand General himself. An eloquent conversationalist, but I would suggest a significant degree of respect before approaching him.”

"Rogue, scoundrel, and… well, I suppose you have to get to know him. And I would sincerely recommend you do.”

"Jayce hasn’t changed much since our university days… he’s still an adorable dweeb.”

"Bilgewater’s firecracker, Sarah Fortune. Make sure you stay on her good side.”

"And, unless Pantheon gets his act together, I present the winner of the Cupcake Creation Contest 2013.”

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    "I am pondering if you actually revel in the rage, Caitlyn. Why else would you interact with me?"
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