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The Sheriff of Piltover always has time to check her in-tray, though delays due to cases and summonings are part of her daily beat. ((League of Legends RP/askblog for Caitlyn, Sheriff of Piltover. Contains worldbuilding and theorycrafting. Tracking 'sheriffcaitlyn' and 'sheriff caitlyn' tags.))
October 22nd 2014 3 notes
sheriff-caitlyn asked: "You seem to be without a partner for this next dance, sir. May I impose?"


The dress of the Sheriff surprised the thief when he turned to meet her. Yet, her voice - her mere stance - her essence was something all too familiar to the thief. 

Perhaps over the years I’ve grown obsessed. 

With an easy smile, the thief would respond. “Of course not. It is a pleasure to be in the presence of a beautiful and noble woman.”


She curtseys in reply. “Seems I’ll be dancing with a flatterer. Should I attempt to match your wit, sir? Or would I be positively overwhelmed at every turn?” Caitlyn laughs, relaxed and merry beyond her usual restrained manner, and offers her hand. “I must warn you, however, I intend to take this next dance rather quick. I hope you’re light on your feet.”

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October 22nd 2014 1 note
lunarisurvivor asked: "Madame, I- hope I'm not too late. Might I ask you for this dance? It's been a long while since I've had a dance partner."

"Of course, of course. Come, while the band still plays. Fast? Slow? Or shall we simply sway?"

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October 22nd 2014 4 notes
sheriff-caitlyn asked: "Dull? Condolences. Allow me."


Sheriff Caitlyn I assume? I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure.”

"Ah, I’ve been found out!" She gives a small laugh. "Perhaps next year I’ll wear a more concealing mask. May I have this next dance, ma’am?"

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October 22nd 2014 147 notes


<Oooh hoo hoo! It’s happening! It’s happening! The Harrowing is back for another year, and it’s gonna be just as fun as before! Oooh hoo hoo!>

//Just as a reminder, folks, there’s still a lot to do and see at the Harrowing this year!

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October 22nd 2014 2 notes
sheriff-caitlyn asked: "May I impose and ask for a dance with this mysterious masked man?"


Mysterious…was he really that impossible to recognize with his mask on? Scratch that, everyone in this room was more or less…not easy to recognize, some even prefered to ignore the identities, as if they wanted it themselves to forget, forgetting everything just for this day.

And for some reason this day felt sadder than the rest. His head turned and looked over at the woman that was calling out to him, asking him for a dance, his mask was just perfect for his own personality, unreadable and stoic, what was the difference between a mask and a clear expression? Well, for Rai’s case the relation between a mask and him would not be so distant.

"Certainly. Would be a shame if i just sit and watch, eh?" The man replied, blinking his blue eyes as he stared at the woman in red.


"It certainly would be." She smiles, putting her hands in his, and stepping back onto the dancefloor with her new partner. "First dance of the Harrowing for you? I’ll endeavour to make it memorable. Shall we follow the band or make our own pace?"

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October 22nd 2014 284 notes
Artist: Tape Five
Title: Bad Boy Good Man


Anyone wanna swing dance with me?

(via drills-of-defiance)

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October 22nd 2014 1 note
felixandthenightwatch asked: A man in a fine, burgundy suit would wind up standing next to Caitlyn. Whether he knew her by name or not was impossible to tell, but the man in the wolven mask posed a question: "Care to dance, madam, on this Day of Faces?"

She smiles, and makes a small bob of a curtsey. “It would be an honour, and a pleasure, Master Wolf.”

October 22nd 2014 3 notes
oh my god your dad is a nerd sivir would be so embarassed if Azir was here AWKWARD NERD DADS

//Nerb and birb dads hanging out, being doofuses. “I LIKE this guy!” and the girls are just “don’t look at them, don’t acknowledge them”

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October 22nd 2014 5 notes
sheriff-caitlyn asked: "Care to dance? After all, we match."


"I don’t see why not. Be patient with me, though…I’m still not quite used to nothern dances or dancing with a partner."

Caitlyn gives a wide grin. “Your first time? Don’t worry, we’ll take it slow. It can take some getting used to, but I won’t rush you. After all, this is supposed to be fun.”

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October 22nd 2014 12 notes

//meanwhile, in the twitterverse, Caitlyn’s dad is dressing up like Darth Vader (or whatever the Ionian equivalent is) and pretending to force-choke people with his hextech hand. Perfect.

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October 22nd 2014 4 notes

//Seeing as I have received some asks about it, participation with the events is basically either a) reblog the event to show you are participating or b) make your own post with the Harrowing 24CLE tag. If you want to invite someone to dance? Go to their inbox and ask them! :D

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October 21st 2014 18 notes

Deciding on the costume has been difficult. So much had already been done. She knew what the expectations were, too, of her outfit, and frankly she didn’t feel like meeting any of them.

Something bold, then. Perhaps, even at first glance, she might not be recognised while wearing. Or at least, she may be mistaken for someone else. After all, wasn’t that what the Day of Faces was all about?

She only wore red on very special occasions.

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Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts

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Stuffed Peppers As Jack O Lanters

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October 21st 2014 89 notes

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