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The Sheriff of Piltover always has time to check her in-tray, though delays due to cases and summonings are part of her daily beat. ((League of Legends RP/askblog for Caitlyn, Sheriff of Piltover. Contains worldbuilding and theorycrafting. Tracking 'sheriffcaitlyn' and 'sheriff caitlyn' tags.))
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Artist: Bastille
Title: Flaws (Acoustic)


You have always worn
your flaws upon your sleeve

And I have always buried them
deep beneath the ground

flaws (acoustic) / bastille

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[Clash of the Debonairs]

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dragonfistleesin asked: "Officer, I'm turning myself in for ruining tea. I fully well was aware of my actions and take full responsibility. "

"… I must say, this has somewhat taken me by surprise. I appreciate that you’ve stepped forward. My jurisdiction, however, does not extend to all tea-related crimes. Just crimes within Piltover’s borders."

"But if you insist… Your punishment is four hours of community service, in which you will be performing tea ceremonies for a select group of Runeterra’s citizens."

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The Exemplar’s Thousand Followers Giveaway


That’s it, i reached a thousand followers


So that means giveaway time!

Rules are simple, one like and one reblog for a total of two entries per blog.

The next week (that means, September 16th) i will draft the winners, who will be able to win a drawing made by yours truly :D

The 1st prize is a complete drawing and an Icon

The 2nd Prize is a full lineart and an Icon

The 3rd Prize is a sketch and an icon

The 4th and 5th prizes are an Icon for both of you, to use in your blogs, be it your muse of your OC.

I can do almost anything, no restrictions. I can do nsfw without problems, except overly gore things, shota, or loli (dude…)

Thanks a lot for staying there, and may you win what you want :D

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Someone is ruining tea?!



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aniviacryophoenix asked: // I hate to throw an ask into the ring only to have it turn up to be entirely OOC, yet I couldn't help but notice your rather analytical string of world building musings and throw my own hat into the ring. Of late, I've been met with the rather irksome realization that the lore teams no longer recognize the Institute as they work through the rewrites. When met with characters like Aatrox, Lissandra and Vel'Koz, are you comfortable with the notion that they may not have joined the league at all?

//Augh, I had this ask in my inbox for so long that Riot actually made it irrelevant? Fantastic. Sorry about that. Well, I’ll still answer it to the best to my ability, and to the worldbuilding etc that’s been done here and that was in Riot’s book before the Incident.

//It has been established previously that some Champions did not ‘join’ the League, but instead were restrained by it. They were made prisoners, to keep the world safe. Creatures like Brand - who nearly burned down Demacia - and Rekenton - the rampaging ‘gator loose in Zaun’s sewersafter he was teleported here from some other world - were locked up in the most secure location in all of Valoran, imprisoned to keep the world safe. Cho’Gath is a creature of the Void, and he is pulled through that otherworldly plain by Summoners every match; he’s not a native to Runeterra, and they always send him back when they’re done with him. Fiddlesticks was accidentally Summoned - no-one is sure from where - and Nocturne came from the magically-affected dreams of Summoners before he was contained in a nexus crystal. ‘Champions’ like these did not join the League. They’re prisoners.

//Some of these newer Champions, beings of incredible power, should not even be in the League. Sure, maybe you could explain away their membership by saying that they’ve been imprisoned as well. But with Aatrox, Lissandra, and Vel’koz, that shit just doesn’t fly.

//Let’s start with Aatrox. An ancient being, the sole (so far) known member of a race that was once native to Runeterra, he has a history of showing up in conflict and turning the tides of hopeless battle. But he’s also what I’m going to colloquially refer to as ‘a god of war crimes’. Can you imagine what this means for any Summoner who calls on Aatrox? They come away from a defeat feeling angry, weak, bitter; they’ll come away from a victory feeling hollow and horrified. The Institute’s infirmary would be full of PTSD sufferers in no time at all. Aatrox is the living embodiment of conflict… of war. He’s a being who has seen probably all the Rune Wars… hell, he probably had a hand in each and every single one of them, whether as a participant or an instigator or a witness. He certainly wouldn’t be a prisoner at the Institute… he’d probably be a volunteer. All the world is at peace except for one small arena, where people from all over the world gather to battle for political reasons, for fame, for training… and he’s there, to whisper in all their ears, and to help them Witness Truth. He’s there to encourage conflict; if he’s not working on getting the next Rune War rolling, then I’ll eat my hat.

//When it comes to Vel’koz, he’s the scout for a future invasion. Having him in the League is the worst possible thing that the Institute can do for global security. I mentioned this before when he was first released. And I do think I hold with the story that Stephanos Rex posted, with the idea that the Insitute made a deal with Vel’koz: he gets knowledge, and the League gets to pretend that they’re keeping the world safe. But while he’s there, he’s analysing the greatest heroes the world has to offer. How is that a good thing? Having Vel’koz around, whether he’s a prisoner or if the League are studying him, is helping the apocalypse happen faster. Vel’koz’s presence on Runeterra and his status as a Champion can be explained in one of three ways: either the League is incompetent (unlikely, if they’re stopping the world from fighting itself), corrupt (more likely, focusing on profits and forgetting why they were formed, and more Champs means more money) or turning into a seat for the Cult of the Void (conspiracy theory ahoy! They’re bringing about the apocalypse so that the world remembers how important the Institute is!). Other than that? They should really be sending him the fuck home and nailing the door shut behind him.

//And now, Lissandra. First of all, the incarnation we see of her on the Rift? That’s not Lissandra: that’s The Ice Witch. They are - as far as the world is concerned - two completely different people. Lissandra is an Ice Dervish, the successor to Princess Mauvole, and a member of a reclusive northern tribe who are responsible for the preservation of history. Quinn met with the woman, and described her as ‘elegant and well-spoken’, even if she and her people were culturally-secretive. The Frostguard and the Avarosa are allies in the War of the Freljord. The Ice Witch is a fairytale to scare children, and nothing more. That’s common knowledge; that’s what we are characters and Summoners would know. What we don’t know - what ONLY Lissandra and her Frostguard would know - is that Lissandra is the Ice Witch, and she has been rewriting history to make people forget about who she is and the threat she poses to the descendants of the tribes that betrayed the Watchers. The Ice Witch should not be in the League. She is a force that is mysterious and impossible to control. If her appearance is made public, as it has been with the League?? Then so many of her plans unravel. If the Ice Witch becomes a public figure, then Lissandra’ position in Ashe’s court and alliance would be questioned. The Frostguard would be scrutinised, for if they are guardians of Freljord’s history, why did they not warn the people of this threat? Lissandra herself would likely eventually be unmasked, and before her plans have reached fruition. The Ice Witch should have continued to be a distant and unknowable force, a whisper in children’s tales to make people shiver and fear the night. She shouldn’t be here, especially not with this huge disparity between in-game knowledge and fourth-wall-breaking Summoner Insight.

//Am I comfortable with the idea that some Champions may not have joined the League? Sort of. It opens up the possibilities of motives and power and agendas for the League and the characters to be not always in one accord with each other. But there is a limit to how far a story can be stretched before it starts tearing open, leaving plotholes in the narrative fabric.

//… and the best way to fix plotholes is not to design a new outfit around those holes and throw away the rest of the fabric.

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Ordinary Day (AU!RP w/ sheriff-caitlyn)




"If there is anything I can do to help - please, do not hesitate to tell me." Tybresa repeated with a warm glimmer in her blue eyes.
“The tea is lovely,” she murmurs, meeting Tybresa’s gaze. “And trust me when I say that… this?” Caitlyn gestures with her teacup, at the room around them, at the teaset, and then to herself, “This is more help than I ever could have imagined or expected. You’re quite fortunate that I’m too worn out from travel to cry, or I would be a blubbering mess.” She gives a fragile laugh, then sips her tea again. “… thankyou. Thankyou, Tybresa. Thankyou.”

Tybresa found herself giggling girlishly as she saw the mother press her affections upon her son’s cheek, the display making her feel all the more giddy and glad for the other woman’s presence. “Wise words, Caitlyn.” She praised the Sheriff. “Every woman should look up to you, indeed.”

She then laughed again, obviously entertained at being called ‘Aunty’ and found herself watching Thomas with interest as he drank from the cup, only to have her eyes wander upon Caitlyn - and for a moment, she could swear that she had never seen the Sheriff look as beautiful or radiant as she did now.

By the time Cait addressed Tybresa again, the Steward had a most dreamlike expression on her face, accompanied by a silly, stupid smile playing on her lips, only for her to snap back to reality with mild surprise, as if suddenly woken up from a reverie.

"Oh?" She muttered softly, until she comprehended what was said - then, she found herself smiling widely and the softest of rose-kissed blushes to rise in her cheeks. "Oh, do not … do not mention it." She spoke reassuringly, though it was obvious that she was also deeply flattered by her words. "I suppose it is the least I can do, Caitlyn. As a summoner, I have always admired the champions for who they are, and what they do … but I do not think I have admired anyone just as much as I admire you - and not only for that, but also for … your strength, your wisdom. I can honestly say your presence has inspired me - and for that, I feel that there is little words can do to express my gratitude. And this?" She paused, allowing her eyes to look around the abode before she settled back on her companion. "This is nothing, really."

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Doodled some Cait & Vi from League of Legends.

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//not gonna lie but considering the Mother Ship, I feel like the ancient alien theory is something that belongs to the yordles.

I think it works for both TBH though Riot seems to have blown the Yordles-as-aliens thing out of the water with Gnar. 

//nah, they could have landed and have to revert back to a more primal state in order to survive.

#I LIKE THIS #yordles #theorycrafting
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//Happy birthday to the mun behind nobodytouchesthehat. Here’s some cupcakes for you, you big dork :D

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"… then consider this a ‘yes’." She presses her lips together in a smile, but her eyes don’t leave his.

Like a small child that just got the cookie he was scheming for , Graves smiled widely. The two prying eyes not looking away from his own, didn’t make him move a muscle. He kept his eyes locked on hers as he reached out his hand. ” Shake on it? “

She gives a thin smile, and extends her hand over the table. “To the future, then.” There’s no hesitation, and her expression is partially polite and partially inscrutable. 

It’s not easy to keep an eye on trouble without being in the field.

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lemon cupcakes with white chocolate frosting


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//England is awesome for the Piltover-builder. Particularly all these out-of-city/rural districts. Is there something in particular I should try and get a photo of? Let me know, I’ll try and get it :D

#ooc #tbd #the mun is on vacation #villages #tudor houses #old roman roads #open fields #I'm having a field day
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9 Lives (Caitlyn)


"I’ve already taken several days to myself to see this task through."  Riven’s gaze lifted to meet the sheriff’s as she continued.  "Taking a few more to see it to the end wouldn’t be a problem.  I’m simply glad to know it hasn’t been in vain."  She took a sip of her tea, draining what was left in the cup, only to pause when Caitlyn mentioned taking a "train" or "driving". 

Riven was no stranger to the miracles of Piltovian science.  She’d heard the reports of different discoveries in the news, or new inventions.  But, being from Noxus, a city-state that was still largely traditional, she found herself having misgivings about unnatural modes of transportation.  She’d spent her entire life rooted to the firmness of the ground.  In the rare occasions she’d been placed on a cart or wagon, or on a ship, she’d always gotten nauseated.  Then, of course, there were the safety concerns.  How safe was the technology?  And again, how would her furry friend enjoy the experience?

"Well…do you think such modes of transportation would be alright for her?"  Riven looked briefly to the cat, who was once again lapping at the small saucer, purring quietly in contentment.  She was hoping that the sherrif’s deductive reasoning wouldn’t catch on that she was asking as much for her own comfort as for the cat’s, however distant that possibility might have been.  "I know they are capable of fairly high speeds, and are still somewhat experimental."

Caitlyn gives a warm smile. “Perfectly safe, I assure you. I’ve had my driver’s license for years, and the roads are smooth-paved, not cobblestone as many nations’ are, so the journey should be smooth. Granted, it would probably be at the same speed as a carriage… As for the train? Even smoother. We can be at our destination in an hour… enough time to sit down and have morning tea in the dining carriage before the journey comes to an end.”

"Every technology carries a risk," she nods, giving a sympathetic smile. "But I would not suggest them if I did not believe that there would be any danger. A train ride might be the smoothest and fastest… but we do still have horses, and horse-drawn carriages, if Piltover’s progress is a bit too much to handle all at once. We wouldn’t want to unnerve the poor thing," she adds, with a faint smile.

"So… you have severals days off, you say? Enough time to think it over. Have you accommodation? I could make arrangements for something, if you’d like to stay in Piltover. Maybe not in the city, of course, but there are some lovely bed-and-breakfasts outside of town that might be a little quieter… and far less of a culture-shock."


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"You’re always free to say ‘no’. Especially when it isn’t my cooking." She laughs softly. "But yes, I’ll continue to spoil you, if you wish. Vi gets the lion’s share of my attention - and with good reason - but I’d hate for you to feel neglected."

She pours the tea for both of them when it arrives. ”Speaking of, have you found anything new and noteworthy recently? Or has the summer heat been adverse to explorations?”

His tea arrives along with his lemon butter cake, and the explorer’s thumb automatically moves to trace circles around the rim. “I don’t feel neglected.” Ezreal murmurs, resting an elbow on the table before he silently corrects himself and leans the arm on his seat instead. Old habits die hard, after all, even when no one’s reminded you for years.

"What kind of explorer would I be if I let summer get in the way of explorations? … No, I’ve mostly been in the Ironspikes and Freljord recently. I wanted to explore an old ruin I found in the Ironspikes a long time ago—I think it’s a monastery, but I’ve gotta do a bit more digging before I know for sure. Lots of weird artifacts with repeated symbolism… might be a religious symbol or something." 

Maybe he was less nervous than normal, but the explorer cut himself short there, instead cutting a square in the cake with his fork and popping the piece into his mouth. His eyes lit up predictably. “—Hey, this is good!” 

"Ah, the summertime is best for expeditions up that way, what with the melting snow and finer weather…not that you need me to tell you that. You’ve had first-hand experience." She smiles, and it meets her eyes. "A monastery, hrm? Well, isn’t that something! I know Western Piltover had a significant religious population and significance back in the Second Rune War… and earlier, if the tales my grandmother told can be believed. Perhaps you’ve uncovered something of Piltover’s past, before it was ‘Piltover’. Or maybe something else entirely? How exciting." She sips her tea, chuckling softly. "You let me know what you find. I can’t wait to know more."

Her chuckle turns to a laugh at his reaction to the cake. “It’s almost as though I have excellent taste or something. Hah.” She slices her own piece with the edge of her fork, and samples and mouthful. “… Mmm. Yes, absolutely divine.”

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