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The Sheriff of Piltover always has time to check her in-tray, though delays due to cases and summonings are part of her daily beat. ((League of Legends RP/askblog for Caitlyn, Sheriff of Piltover. Contains worldbuilding and theorycrafting. Tracking the 'sheriffcaitlyn' and 'sheriff caitlyn' tags.)) **A Zaunite version of Caitlyn has taken the sheriff's place.**
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von-the-first-mate asked: "Take them out!"

For a moment, she doesn’t understand the assignment. Why the first mate, when the captain presents a far more challenging - and rewarding - target? But she has the payment. And she remembers her history. During the last Rune War, even the great Katarina du Couteau made a career-breaking mistake by choosing to target another.

War is profitable. These men wish to profit… and so does the sniper.

Bilgewater feels like home, even if the air is different and the alcohol barely tolerable. She buys round after round for the tavern until everyone is too sluggish or sick to move. And then she moves to the next place, and repeats the process. Alehouse by alehouse, tavern by tavern, until the nation is drunk or hungover or both, until she finds the one she’s looking for.

She leaves the knife plunged into his heart, and writes a vaguely-threatening message on the wall in his blood and signs it with another man’s name. People tend not to make good decisions when they’re grieving; being hungover? Doubly-so.

There will be war on the seas within a week.

September 03rd 2014
theheartoffreljord asked: "Take them out!"

The man was a legend. His tales carried further over the mountains than the winds ever could. She’d seen the way his shield could stop a bullet, a dragon’s breath, a tidal wave. Brute force wouldn’t work, and he was always surrounded by so many friends.

A celebration at the Institute provides the opportunity. She dons Summoner robes and slips in with the Zaunite delegation, and watches what he eats and drinks.

When his cup is empty, she offers to refill it for him.

Milk is a base liquid; it does excellent work of neutralising acids. But there are plenty of poisons in the world.

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malthehextechjunker asked: "Take them out!"

She’d missed this. A simple payment from a jealous competitor but the chance and the challenge made her pulse rise.

She’d make it look like an accident. Those were harder, but so much more rewarding. She sets the fuse to trigger at a footstep, from the stovetop that has always been a little on the iffy side.

She’s a few bars away when she hears the muffled explosion, and her only regret is that she wasn’t around to watch it burn.

Fuck ‘em all, big or small, names or not. Let the shining city burn.

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thewinters-wrath asked: Take them out!

It was a pity it had come to this. The woman was strong, and deserved what she had claimed. But she had made many enemies, even within her own people.

He wanted her to suffer. The sniper was happy to oblige, stringing barbed wire snares and triplines in the valley, and loading her rifle with flechettes. and fragment rounds.

First, the boar. Then the pig. Make them bleed.

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Send me “Take them out!” and I’ll tell you how my character would kill yours if they were a paid mercenary.

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Vi had returned empty-handed to Piltover after Free Week, save for the Pentakill album Caitlyn had bought the day she disappeared.  Sparky had found nothing when she pried it away from Jinx and sent it out.  She wondered as she was teleported back if there was anything to find.

As soon as she’d brought their belongings—what Caitlyn had left behind, and her own things—back to their home, and fed and watered Bob, she headed to the Commissary.  There, she immediately launched the search; the Fleetfooters Beryl had mobilized were sent out throughout Piltover, instructed to keep subtle watch.  She even deployed a few more rats… and two of those made it across the Bay.

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She’d known she wasn’t alone. The hill was a good vantage point, she liked it. But the leaping rat made her curse and recoil - how dare they - before she recovers her cigarette and backhands the would-be thief. Her hand his metal, and she curses again, rubbing her thumb along the back of her hand.

But there’s interest under the anger, as her gaze flicks between the two of them.

Her rifle is across her back; she rolls her spine, shifting the weapon to aim lazily at them. Upside-down, her hand resting lightly over the trigger but not quite curled into it. The cigarette stays un-lit, caught in the corner of her lips.

"Things are different," she smirks.

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It’s that time of our blog’s lives. A giveaway!


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  • No giveaway blogs
  • I’m fine with drawing most things haha. I’m not too comfortable to give nsfw things as a prize just yet.
  • Please be patient with me, and please have your askbox open so I can contact you.
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Thanks! <3

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//My entry for lol69min's prompt, Amusement Park. Caitlyn’s the one who wants to make sure they get to see everything in a timely and organised manner, and Vi’s about three seconds away from vaulting herself headfirst into the spinning teacups.

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She is certain she has been seen. She doesn’t care. She just keeps moving, keeping to the roads and walking like a citizen who has every right to be going where they are going.

In the dim pre-dawn light, her silhouette and rifle are enough for people to assume it is the sheriff. No-one stops her, no-one crosses her path. 

There’s the city, all prim and clean. She feels a sneer tug at the corner of her lips as she surveys it. Piltover: the home of hypocrites. The sniper closes one eye, and bats a hand at the distant towers. As though she could crush them like a child crushes their toys.

But she opens both eyes, and the lights still glow, the towers still stand.

"Ублюдки, всех вас."

She keeps walking, following a path up to a hill. There’s a better view of the city from up here. She leans against the tree, arms folded, and quietly breathes. The hexlights of Piltover glisten like land-trapped stars. Ivory towers and bronze clockwork, and the moon shining over the bay.

With a huff, she readies a cigarette. The air is just too damn clean.

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//My entry to the lol69min prompt for ‘Pets’. Caitlyn and Scoundrel.

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//I absolutely love enforcedviolence's headcanon of Piltover. It's amazing to see how different people come up with different interpretations of the same thing. Worldbuilding is one of the best things we can do in this community. 

//Here, as promised, is the rough outline of my own personal headcanons for geography and architecture. These are all pretty much still in the WIP stage, but I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring anyway.

//I would have liked to throw more detail in, but my time left on tumblr is very limited. When I come back from vacation, I’m going to label every single building in the Piltover City diagram. It’s been a lot of work, but this is the city we love, so… why the hell not? A few technical explanations under the cut.

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Ku-Khul-Khan was a warrior, who was born - as legends say - at the end of the First Rune War. As the gods died, they bestowed their power on the earth, the sky, the seas… and on mortals. Ku-Khul-Khan was one such mortal, though his power came with conditions. He had rules he had to follow, ceremonies he must perform, rites that he must never forget, or the godsblood would leave him. He wandered as a warrior across Runeterra, his hair uncut, helping heal a wounded land and bring justice to where it had been shattered.

As is the way with all mortals, there are some who were covetous of Ku-Khul-Khan’s strength, of the godsblood that flowed in him. But he could not be killed by magic or iron. Still, all mortals have their weakness… and Ku-Khul-Khan’s greatest weakness was the source of his strength.

Ku-Khul-Khan sat down at the table of his enemies, and was served a meal of dog flesh. He could not eat of dog flesh, but nor could he refuse hospitality of others; these were the conditions of his power. He could not eat the dog flesh, for if he did, he would lose this power. He could not refuse to eat, either, for to do so would cause him to lose his power.

The world lost a hero. Ku-Khul-Khan was slain that night, and the godsblood distributed between those who killed him.

Everyone breaks, the sniper thinks, looking through the sight of her rifle. Even me.

The girl is asleep in her bed; her father sits at his desk and drinks, flicking through papers. The telephone rings, and he answers it. He feels safe enough to turn his back to the window. The officers of the Politsya believed they had driven the sniper away. Their trap had worked. Pat yourselves on the back, your job is done.

And come back tomorrow, when this house is a crime scene.

If I kill this man, I could prove that I always do the job I am paid to do. That I do not stop. When I am paid, my promise is my bond. If I kill this man, it will not just be the Companies who notice, but the law. I will lose my place here, the powers that the Summoners have given me. Their protection will be gone.

… well. I am not a hero like Ku-Khul-Khan. No. I am his killer’s granddaughter. 

The clock begins to toll the midnight hour. Over the sound of the bells, no-one hears the shot.

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// Y’all remember this, right? 

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